Motors and reducers

Pivexin Technology meets the needs of its customers, which is why its offer includes an extremely wide range of electric drives. The product group "Motors and reducers" includes motors only or full motoreducers. Three-phase AC electric motors (asynchronous, squirrel-cage), single-phase AC electric motors, DC electric motors (DC brush and BLDC brushless, voltage 24V, 12V or other in special projects), also micro motors, stepper motors, servo motors are available. In addition to AC, DC, BLDC or servo motors, we offer a very wide range of reducers - conventional worm reducers and precision worm reducers (low-backlash, dedicated to servo, BLDC or stepper motors) of the ATLANTA and LiMing brands, precision planetary reducers for servo drives (LiMing brand ), technologically advanced cycloidal reducers and harmonic reducers by LiMing, helical-bevel reducers, flat reducers, helical reducers - in various designs (cast iron reducers for higher powers, aluminum reducers for smaller ones),from Transtecno and Strojna. Numerous technological solutions are available, even series of drives/motoreducers dedicated to specific industries. In addition, our technical department, thanks to its experience and high competence, can create a unique solution for the customer, ideally suited to its application and needs.



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