IIoT and industrial communication industry
Our company, operating within broadly understood industrial technologies, must also operate in the IIoT / IoT field. The industrial revolution 4.0 somehow forces an ever closer and stronger[...]
Solar Tracker and Solar Farm Industry
The basic device from our offer for this industry are the sensational Suprabox Solar drives. These turntables were created directly for applications related to the tracking system of photovoltaic panels, but thanks to their very large gear ratios [...]
Industry of robots and AGV carts
The AGV trolley / robot industry is developing very dynamically, as is the entire logistics, storage and automation industry in these areas. This is not surprising given how rapidly a network of global supply chains, the transport [...]
Solutions for the furniture industry
For the furniture industry, and especially for furniture manufacturers, the most important parameters when selecting components, apart from their economy, are also reliability / durability and the principles of cooperation with suppliers, which guarantee the safety and continuity of production. Our offer [...]
Entertainment and vending equipment
In entertainment devices, you can find a lot of components and solutions adapted from the industrial field, the flagship of our company. In the machine serving bars, preparing coffee or in a milk-coffee machine, we can find either a tiny DC drive or an equally inconspicuous [...]
We cooperate with many technical universities from all over Poland. Often it is not only product support consisting in the delivery of specific components or drive units, but also substantive support in the implementation of projects or research works. So far, our products have been most often [...]
Solutions for internal transport and warehouses
In applications related to internal transport and warehouse management, automation matters first. The fewer people needed for a warehouse or internal transport network to run smoothly, the more profitable [...]
Solutions for the maritime and yachting industry
The maritime and yachting industry uses several solutions and products that are our specialty:stainless gas springs - used on more or less luxurious yachts, but also in standard flaps, electric actuators with low voltage [...]
Solutions for the special vehicle industry
Special vehicles - within this broad industry, we will see both specialized fire engines, vehicles modified for the army or border guards, as well as more common dairy tanks or camping cars. For the sake of generalization of the topic, we can locate [...]
Industry of 3D printers
The 3D printers industry is relatively new, but our offer allows you to complete almost all the components that make up the drive of 3D printers. Customer requirements in terms of precision of operation and repeatability of drive elements are high, so our offer includes products [...]
Solutions for the food industry
The food industry is characterized by very restrictive requirements as to the components used. There are applications where standard drive units or machine parts are used, but on a daily basis there are also those where chains and all types of mechanical components must be made of stainless steel, [...]
Solutions for the agricultural industry
The agricultural industry is one of the most widely understood, even in the context of the production of the machines themselves, but we serve almost every segment of it. We provide components or complete solutions [...]
Solutions for the paint industry
In the paint industry, you must take into account the fact that the vapors are flammable and the work area is automatically a potentially explosive zone (ATEX 2G, 3G). For this reason, the drive technology must meet the special requirements of the ATEX directive. Our drives can be delivered in atex execution - both for gas zones (G) and for [...]
In packaging machines, efficiency and reliability are the most important. Only thanks to the enormous efficiency, the packaging process itself, especially for smaller and less valuable products, becomes economical. For this reason, the technologies [...]
Solutions for the CNC industry
For one of our top industries, i.e. technologically advanced machines, we have been building an offer for a long time and very carefully, choosing the best solutions with the best quality / price ratio. For CNC machines such as milling machines, water jets, laser burners, manipulators and machining centers [...]
Solutions for the medical and rehabilitation industry
The medical industry is characterized by the highest possible requirements for the components used. No wonder, since the primary goal of people is life and health. For these[...]
Solutions for the municipal and water-sewage industry
The municipal and water and sewage industries are not the same, they concern something else, but we will find several similarities or similarities - first of all, very difficult working conditions. [...]
Solutions for the air conditioning and ventilation industry
The air conditioning and ventilation industry is one of the most specific and, at the same time, developed in our country. There are several product groups that are used here on a large scale: [...]
Woodworking industry solutions
The woodworking industry, like many other industries, is a broadly understood term. It includes both machines or devices used to carry out any operation related to the processing of wood, its sorting, as well as its transport. [...]
Solutions for the automotive industry
The concept of the automotive industry is broad, not limited to vehicle manufacturers and their factories, but extends to all forms of cooperative entrepreneurship. For Pivexin Technology Sp. z o. o. companies producing machines for this market [...]
For the energy and railway industries, we have products from several selected groups. On the one hand, they are motors and full geared motors based on DC power (also alternating), on the other, for example, electric actuators or gas [...]
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