Electric actuators and controls

In our online store, you will find a huge selection of various machine parts from renowned international manufacturers. One of them is the Moteck brand, whose products are presented below. In this section of our store, we have gathered thousands of products, such as electric and medical actuators, controllers, lifting sets, and much more.

The manufacturer's philosophy is to provide comprehensive solutions. In addition to the above-mentioned machines and furniture parts, its product catalog also includes remotes, manipulators, and control boxes. You won't find such a wide selection of products anywhere else. We encourage you to check out the quality of the actuators, electric controllers, and other accessories from this brand.

Moteck's electric actuators and other components are successfully used in industrial machines, special vehicle constructions, as well as in modern furniture. The manufacturer offers many product series with different properties. One of such lines are special medical actuators which are used in hospital and home beds, massage tables, medical lifts, operating tables, and many other devices used during rehabilitation. These parts have the necessary certificates and tests required in the medical industry.

 Elements of Moteck's machinery are high-quality products. It is also worth noting that they have a high degree of IP protection. The manufacturer is constantly expanding its range, responding to the needs of its customers.

At Pivexin Technology, we provide a constant access to a wide selection of MOTECK electric actuators from the warehouse. We will be happy to advise which controller, electric actuator, lifting column or any other part will best suit your project. We invite you to contact our representatives.

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