Production and services

Production and services are part of the offer directed to customers who are looking for non-standard solutions for the industry. We focus on standardized components for the production of new machines and repairs of existing ones, however, Pivexin Technology offer does not end with elements produced in tens of thousands. In parallel with catalog positions, we can provide the customer with specialized details made according to his drawing and expectations, even in single quantities.


This is not the end of our offer, which includes individual product preparation and service provision. Our technical department performs technical documentation, including CAD drawings, of specific components or projects - all with the aim of comprehensive customer service. Repairs of machines, construction of new devices and entire production lines - independently or in cooperation with equally experienced companies - are aspects of our activity made possible by having both a rich range of components and an excellent personnel base.



English contact


Tel.: +48 32 438 73 01

German contact


Tel.: +48 32 438 73 11

Mob.: +49 (0)1522 5498 597


Wykonywanie oraz obróbka detali

Performing and processing of details

In case the ordered elements require additional processing or when the element needs to be made in accordance with the customers requirement, Pivexin Technology also enables the completion of such requests.

Projektowanie CAD detali

CAD Design

We can provide the Client with specialized details, made according to their drawing and expectations. The technical department can provide the Client with technical documentation, including CAD drawings, of specific components or projects.

Projektowanie maszyn

Machine Design

We are ready to complete an order for the construction of new machines, as well as entire production lines - using our own resources and our experienced partners.

Serwis urządzeń przemysłowych

 Industrial Equipment Service

Our company's technical advisors have extensive experience. They can advise on repairs, servicing and modernization of industrial machines. In case of breakdowns, a special service mode is possible.

Modernizacja maszyn przemysłowych

Modernization of industrial machine

Our wide range of products will surely enable you to quickly and cheaply modernize used industrial machines.

Doradztwo doboru podzespołów

Component Selection Advice

Pivexin Technology offers assistance in selecting both mechanical and electrical components for your machines and projects.

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