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We offer you solid and durable parts for industrial machines. Our assortment includes, among others, screw jacks (also known as jacks or actuators) found in devices using a linear movement system. The elements are used for maneuvering - lifting, lowering, positioning and rotating masses. We offer screw jacks of our proprietary brand Pivexin Technology, as well as elements of the German company Atlanta and the German manufacturer of jacks NEFF GEWINDETRIEBE. Accessories are distinguished by the precision of workmanship and ease of assembly. They are available in several different sizes. They include trapezoidal or ball screws. Wide applications of screw jacks

The presented elements work well in various industrial devices that require the use of high force and repeatability. Structures adapted to carry significant loads can cope even in difficult working conditions. They also guarantee high extension speeds. They will be used in any environment where there is a need for smooth and precise manipulation of elements that change from rotational to linear motion.

Components of this type are distinguished by strength and flexibility as well as long service life. For this reason, screw jacks are used by various industries, including companies specializing in the construction of solar systems, smoke extraction systems, platforms, presses, flaps and gate valves. Hoists allow for dynamic, efficient, synchronized work in many industrial branches, for example railway, heating or stage. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rich and diverse range of machine parts manufacturer - Pivexin Technology and to place orders for reliable, efficient actuators. We offer both ready-made products from the catalog and solutions tailored to individual customer needs. We supply only high-quality elements that have passed a number of strength tests.

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