Vibration technology

Our offered vibration technology comes directly from the Swiss brand Resatec AG, which is one of the market leaders in vibration damping and vibration isolation. It belongs to a strictly narrow group of manufacturers of elastic, metal-rubber, damping and vibration-absorbing components used in various industries - including automotive, agricultural, food and mining. This is a partner we can fully trust, as it offers elements from the field of vibration technology produced using modern industrial solutions.

All of the products we offer are characterized by excellent technical parameters and high reliability of the renowned Swiss company. Thanks to us, every entrepreneur who is interested in improving production processes will be able to get high-class vibration damping machinery. Our assortment does not lack such essential elements as tensioners, oscillators, vibration dampers or spring elements.


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Tel.: +48 32 438 73 01

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Tel.: +48 32 438 73 11

Mob.: +49 (0)1522 5498 597


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