Pivexin Technology has prepared a wide product offer from the automation department. We offer machine components necessary for successful implementation of production automation. The aim of this process is to reduce or replace human effort by machines that independently perform certain tasks, only controlled by humans. For the needs of our clients from different industrial sectors, we can provide all kinds of technologies, devices, manipulators and tools intended to support production automation. The main task of the machine parts offered by us is to reduce production costs and increase production efficiency.

Automation for industry

 We are presenting an ever-growing offer of machine parts for automation of production. Our assortment includes high-performance servo drives, servo motors and other devices such as linear, brushless, stepper and servo stepper motors. The offer also includes dedicated DC and BLDC motor controllers and frequency inverters, as well as advanced operator panels and industrial computers.

We focus on modern and economical solutions that will significantly contribute to the automation of production and in turn lead to tangible profits for the company. We have prepared components from renowned companies cooperating with Pivexin Technology, which is a guarantee of flawless machine operation and long life of individual parts. All the products offered are of high quality, efficiency and excellent technical parameters.

For those of you who would like to get to know our offer of controllers, amplifiers, inverters, operator panels and industrial computers in more detail, we encourage you to contact our representative.


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