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The assortment of the Pivexin Technology online store includes a wide selection of components intended for power transmission in industrial machines. All parts available here have been divided into as many as ten subcategories, which allows for their easy and efficient browsing. You can purchase from us machine parts such as chain transmission elements, racks and modular gears, belt transmission elements, couplings, splined shafts, MSC and assembly sleeves, lubrication systems, trapezoidal screws and nuts, as well as worms and worm sprockets . We complete the assortment of our online store with an emphasis on machine elements that are characterized by high quality, resistance to intensive use and the impact of external factors, as well as extended service life. We try to ensure that the couplings, gears, shafts, bushings and other elements for designing industrial equipment noticeably improve their work. Thanks to this, the products we offer are perfect for systems that use modern drives with medium or high speed. Designing industrial machines with the help of Pivexin Technology through our website you get not only access to the best, carefully selected parts of industrial machines - our website is also a rich source of information about the products, as well as the conditions of their purchase. For example, we invite you to visit the "Customer Zone". There you will find catalogs and advertising brochures in PDF format, useful forms and documents with specifications of many products. We also have a FAQ section that may be helpful when completing your order. Finally, we invite you to contact us by phone - our representatives will be happy to advise you on the purchase of the best gears and chain sprockets, trapezoidal screws, nuts and many other parts we offer for the design of industrial equipment.


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