Servo drives

For applications requiring high precision of positioning and dynamics of movement, we recommend solutions based on the use of modern and efficient servo drives. Our offer includes synchronous and asynchronous servo motors, powered by alternating (AC) and direct (DC) voltage - in standard and special versions. Excellent quality and dynamics, reliability, resistance to difficult working conditions, a huge range of configuration and communication - all this means that our servo drives will satisfy even the most demanding users.

Servo motors are complemented by precise reducers. Pivexin Technology Sp. z o. o. specializes in providing high-quality products, and one of the flagship product groups are precision reducers, including planetary, worm, cycloidal and harmonic reducers, dedicated to servo, BLDC or stepper motors.

A wide range, configuration possibilities and renowned manufacturers will help you find the perfect solution for your application. We encourage you to check our offer.

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